Our Projects

We provide high-impact programs that empower our people

Food Insecurity

Access to fresh, affordable, organic produce should not be a luxury. Our vegetable gardening program has started teaching simple ways for people of all ages to grow their own food. We also give away produce to those in need and are planning on expanding our garden services into a culinary program that provides simple ways to incorporate harvests into clean, healthy meals.

Additionally, we partner with St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago to regularly provide hot meals to the unhoused.  

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Technology Skills

We live in a digital society, however there are many individuals who do not feel they have the skills required for basic web navigation. Our technology basics training program focuses on seniors, but is open to all who would like to establish or grow a foundational knowledge in everyday technology.

Educational Advancement

From providing tutoring programs, annual scholarships, and college admissions counseling, we’re here to support our neighbors in all of their educational aspirations. 

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